Welcome to Karin’s Outdoor Services

Karin’s Services is family owned and operated – serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Karin’s Services is a division of AAA Building Maintenance Company, LLC which has been serving the Twin Cities area for over 35 years. We specialize in window cleaning, but also offer a number of other valuable services, including lawn care, landscaping, and snow management services.
Many companies and property owners wait until the last minute to hire a full service property maintenance and management company. We advise you do so now so that you do not have to worry about it when grass starts to grow and the snow starts to fall. By hiring Karin’s Services, today, you can rest assured that your property management needs will be met on time for every season.

Lawn Care:

  • Our professional team of lawn and landscape experts will cut your lawn to your desired specifications
  • Karin’s Outdoor Services also does seasonal fertilization to ensure your lawn stays thick, healthy, and green.
  • Along with cutting and fertilizing we also do trimming and weed control, making your yard the pride of the neighborhood.


  • Make the most out of your yard by adding a retaining wall to beautify, manage drainage and limit soil erosion.
  • Flower beds and hedge trimming enhances the comfort and beauty of your property.
  • When a lawn is in need of replacement or a large landscaping project calls for it, Karin’s Outdoor Services also does sodding.


  • The same team every time creates efficiency and insures damage free plowing and improves service quality.
  • Our investment in training and equipment provides us with direct control over the services we deliver.


  • Even small accumulations of ice can be dangerous.
  • Avoid black ice! Black ice is a thin and dangerous layer of ice over asphalt that can cause a liability nightmare.
  • A responsible, proactive deicing plan can save thousands in avoided injuries and legal expenses.

Sidewalk Clearing:

  • 9 out of 10 walkway falls happen with less than 1 inch of snow.
  • Proper sidewalk service reduces and lowers insurance rates.
  • We clear snow from sidewalks and apply eco-friendly deicing material.

Relocating Snow:

  • Improve driving visibility, provide more parking spaces and optimize safety.
  • Snow relocation eliminates ice buildup and reduces the need for deicing applications.
  • We move snow after business hours for increased efficiency and productivity.