Karin’s Services, LLC is a division of AAA Building Maintenance Company. AAA Building Maintenance Company has been offering services throughout the Twin Cities for over 30 years. Karin’s Services offers various services to the residential and commercial customers.

Who is Karin?
Karin was the wife, mother and grandmother this company was named after. Karin Palma Pitkin left us in June 2000 after several years battling cancer. When we were looking for a warm and friendly name for this company – the decision was not difficult.

“Know this: No job is worth injury.”  These are the first words we say to every employee on their first day, and we reiterate it at our monthly safety meetings. No matter what we do we have three critical missions:
1 – We must prevent personal injury.
2 – We must prevent property damage.
3 – We must maintain our customer’s trust to complete the service safely, promptly and effectively.

If we fail in any of these – we have failed our purpose. No exceptions!

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